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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cook Food Distribution to Rohingya Refugees Ukhyia, Cox's Bazar

ISDE Bangladesh with the support from DoPeace USA Supporter has distributed 1800 packet cooked food to Rohingya refugees in Hakim Para Makeshift Rohingya Refugees Camp, Tangkhali, Ukiya, Cox's Bazar on 07 October 2017. This is the 3rd phase of food distribution by ISDE. It has distributed food in 19 September and 29 September 2017.Mr. Dewan Abu Wasek Bangladesh Country Representative, was present during the food distribution and observed the sufferings Rohingya refugees, especially women and children. They are very much happy to receive the food packets. Thanks to Shahid Ahmed sir, authority and sponsors for their support in emergency response program for Rohingya refugees as well as to #SaveRohingyaChildrenNow.
We trust the benevolence of people like you. We believe in the goodness of people and we are quite convinced that you will rise to the occasion. Please click the link and donate to save the children. Please fulfill your obligations. Please do not neglect. Please do it now! Thank you!

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