Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Demanding Immediate Implementation of National Women Development Policy 2011

Demanding Immediate Implementation of National Women Development Policy 2011
Grassroots Level Women Gathering & Sports Competition held at Chakaria demanding immediate implementation of NWDP 2011

A views of the guest and other of the event
Exceptional grassroots level women gathering and sports competition was held to demanding immediate implementation of National Women Development Policy 2011, specify the role & responsibilities of women elected in local Government and equal participation of women in political process. These was arranged by the Upazila Administration in association with ISDE Bangladesh, Chittagong Social Development Forum (CSDF), Karma Need, Chakaria Nari Unnayn Committee to mark the independent day on last 26 March 2011 at Chakaria Korak Biddapit playground Chakaria under Cox’s Bazar district. 

Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Chakaria Md. Zakir Hossain Addressing the Trinamul Nari Shamabesh was held 26 March 2011 at Chakaria Korak Biddapit Auditorium, Upazila Administration, ISDE Bangladesh, CSDF, Karmaneed, Upazila Nari Unnyan Committee jointly organized the Grassroots Women Gathering and Sports Programme for Grassroots Women. This is the first time in Cox’s Bazar region.
Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Chakaria Md. Zakir Hossain inaugurated the events Grassroots Women Gathering and Sports competition. Upazila Women Vice Chairman Jahanara Parveen was presided over the gathering and prize distribution ceromony, while Upazila Vice Chairman Jahangir Alam Bulbul, renown politician and freedom fighter Haji Bashirul Alam, ISDE Bangladesh Executive Director S M Nazer Hossain, Officer in Charge Chakaria Police Station Shahadot Hossain, CSDF Vice Chairperson Kazi Iqbal Bahar Sabery, President Upazila Women Entrepreneur council Umme Kulshum Minu, Convener Municipality Awamee Women league Firoja Amjad, Executive Director Karma Need Shahana Begume, President Upazila Women Development Committee Shahana Begume, Secretary Upazila Women Awamee league Hasina Begume, Women leaders Fatema Begume, Jannatul Bakeya Reka, Murshida Zannath among others spoken the discussion.     

S M Nazer Hossain Executive Director ISDE Bangladesh, Freedom fighter Haji Bashirul Alam, Kazi Iqbal Bar Sabery, Women Activist Umme Kulshum Minu, Firoja Amjad, Shahana Begume, Upzaila Women Vice Chairman Zahanara Parveen also seen the picture
The speakers congratulates the Government to develop national women development policy 2011 which was also noted in the election manifesto of current Awamee League. They also urge the government to specify the role and empower the elected women representatives at the local government and ensure equal participation of the women representatives at the different social committees and political process in the country. They also demanding stop the false impressions and propaganda against the NWDP 2011 by the some religious vested interested groups and political forces and demanding create mass awareness and protests against the political stand towards the NWDP 2011 at local level. The speakers urge the women folks to boycott these political forces in the upcoming national and local election who stand against women rights and empowerment.
A view of sports competition of grassroots women
Speakers also said women participation not ensured due to lack of national policy for women for last 10 years. As a result many elected women representative in the local government have to fights to establish their rights at the streets. Peoples elected representatives are not able to perform their duties properly and human rights violation exists at local level. Besides a vested religious group trying to claim the issues NWDP is anti-Islamic and try to raise boiled the political field uses to religious sentiment, which is not fair. Speakers urge the people raise voices and social protest to this. They also said the religious fundamental groups exploited the young people and forces them to join JMB and Hijbuthtahrir and trying to fundamentalist country.

a views of the sports competition
Speakers urges to develop positive attitudes towards women empowerment in the Government administration otherwise the NWDP will not be properly implemented. They also demanding designated rules and responsibilities of the women elected in the local government to perform their duties properly. Speakers also demands women friendly society, working places and also political field, then women rights will be ensured. This is first time sports competition for the grassroots women at Cox’s Bazar areas and many women participated in the sports in the competition.

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