Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Resist Amini-led alliance: Big Gathering held to Implement National Women dev. Policy’11;Urge speakers

Resist Amini-led alliance: Big Gathering held to Implement National Women dev. Policy’11;Urge speakers

Speakers at a big gathering & rally Sunday 8 May urged all conscious people to resist Islami Ain Bastabayan Committee Chief Fazlul Huq Amini -led alliance and come forward to implement Women Development Policy 2011. The rally was organised by National Women Development Policy 2011 Implementation Committee at Laldighi Maidan in Chittagong, presided over by women leader Jesmine Sultana Paru.

Law maker Nurl Islam Bsc MP addreessing

Awami League lawmaker Nurul Islam BSc; Chittagong University Prof Gazi Sallauddin; Chittagong City Corporation Councillors Rehana Begum Ranu and Rekha Alam Chowdhury; Chittagong District Public Prosecutor Advocate Abul Hashem; Worker Party central leader Haji Bashirul Alam, Gono Forum central leader Advocate Jane Alam, City Editor Daily Suprobhat Bangladesh M Nasirul Hoque, Chittagong North Mohila Awamee leagu leader Sabiha Musa, Mohila Parishad Central leader Nurhjahan Khan, Chittagong Development Autority Member Mofizur Rahamn, Rawzan Upazila Vice Chairman Fawzia Khanom, Rangunia Upazila Vice Chairman Rehena Begume, Anowara Upazila Vice Chairman Rehena Begume Chowdhury, Chittgaong Awamee Ainjibi leaders Advocate Kamrun Nahar Begum, Advocate Kamrunnahar Showkot, Bangladesh Teachers Association leaders Sunil Chakrabatry, Bichitra Chowdhury; journalist M Nasirul Haque; Bangladesh Medical Association Vice President Dr Nurul Islam, Jaitio Samaj Kallyan Parishd member Advocate Bashanti Proba Palit, Abida Azad, ADAB Chittgaong Vice Chairperson Rezia Begume, Women leaders Sapna Talukder, Kahiarunnhar, Advocate Kallyani Dev Chwdhury, Jannatul Ferdus, Dipika Barua, CAB leader Haji Iqbal ali Akbaor, District GCA leader Abdul Wahab Chowdhury, Umme Kulshum Minu, Ajoy Mitra Snaku, Umme Kulsmu Arzu, Advocate Kamela Khanom, Nasreen Akhter and Chittagong Ladis Club President Jinath Azam; spoke at the meeting. The meeting was conducted by Kazi Iqbal Bahar sabery member Sectreary of National Women Development Policy 2011 Implementation Committee.

A view of the participants

Nurul Islam MP said Amini is a Wahabi (a branch of Sunni Islam) and Amini-led Wahabis do not believe in the constitution of Bangladesh but want a revolution to establish a medieval-aged government in the name of Islam. He urged the government to arrest Amini on charge of sedition and called on all Sunnis to come forward to resist Amini-led Wahabis.

Guests are sitting at the Rally and Big gathering
The speakers said the policy contains nothing contradictory to the Quran. The day being Mother's Day, she urged Amini-led alliance to support the policy if they respected their mothers. The speakers said National Women Development Policy is not law, it is guiding doccument to Government departments. But the fundamentalist groups are traying to misinterpretaion to the community people and trying to get political advantages. The Policy will not enforce only to Muslim women, it will also enforce to all women. Speakers urge the Islamic leaders not to create hassale Islam any contradictory articales in the policy.

Journalist M Nasirul Hoque is addressing the conference

Speakers criticized the progressive forces, the fundamentalist groups try to get political adavtages, but the progressive forces are keep silients and not to come forward to support raise voice to implement NWDP as are as possible. They also said the progressive forces remain keep silents, government will compromise with fundamenatlist groups. Speakers urge the peoples to comeforaward to resist Amini and other allies who stand againgst women’s political empwoerment.

Advocate Kamrunnahar Begume is addressing

They also said, a fundamentalist groups are trying to stop mobility of women folk from very begaining, they are trying to barricade to women to stop the access in busiines, education and employment generation. Now they are trying to stop women in poltical process. Begume Rokeya, Sufia kamal broken the traditional norms and culture and assist women to mobility and movement.

Wmen leader Umme Kulshu Minu is addressing
The gathering was announce a number of progremme to forces Government to immediate implementation of NWDP ’11 and allocate money for it. These are formation NWDP implementation Committee at throught out country, organize local level gathering, meeting, discussion of NWDP’11, cultural events, discussion with religious leaders etc.

Bangladesh Teachers Association Chitgaong Regional Branch join the gathering with procession

The gathering was participate from different political parties, civil society organiztions, development and human rights organizatios, cultural organization, jounrlaits, teachers, professional organizations with their banner, fastoon etc. Chittagong Social Development Forum(CSDF) act as Secretarait for National Women Development Policy 2011 Implementation Committee.

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